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This thing called 'Brexit' and my observations!!

Phew! You are right, this is the word that I have been listening to ( like it or not!) for the couple of years. Even my dog Laila doesnt like to hear it anymore. However, when it is inevitable, you will have to enjoy it!

When I started analysing it with my weird brain, I found it pretty funny, what it has given to diverse section of our society. Wide ranging emotions from depression , anger to hope. yes, Hope for certain section of the society! There is no other word like it.

I have seen ethnic population (British!) saying to immigrants that they should go back! This word has created so much of divide within the country and even brought an capable person to the Prime Ministership, who is desperately trying to hang on to her position. All other miseries are carefully forgotten. To be frank, this country is going down socially. The homeless people around the tube stations itself is a good evidence for it. You just can't get a job if you don't know anyone in the loop. Has anyone heard of zero hour contract? It is not giving anyone any rights of employment. Any kind of inequality is quite high. It is in the urning point of becoming a feudal nation, from a welfare nation. Now I find the simple word 'Brexit' can do the much needed diversion of attention for the people in power. They are doing it very well. Otherwise, what was the need to do this 'Brexit' vote? I never understood.

Anyway, I am going to blog about a few effects of this word on certain sections of the society, that I have observed. Some are funny, some are weird too.

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