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Time to pull our energy together

I have been thinking about what will happen to the diversity in the creative industry after brexit. Even without it, the mainstream media and the powers that might be were treating anyone with colour not very well. They seem to have developed a way of ridiculing other cultures, to be frank. Perhaps this is our time to take our control back and we can assert our diversity of cultures and its value in the UK. Its a valuable asset. I don't think there will be enough support for these efforts from any pundits. They tried whatever they can. They have done more talk than action. Not sure where all the money they said they were allocating has gone! SO many failed projects, and the latest being something called 'Diamond'!

I am of Asian origin. I was quite happy a couple of years ago when bbc controller of programmes made an announcement of investing millions to improve diversity. I head it 20 years ago too. But now I just wanted to follow it up. How it is allocated, where is it going.. etc. If anyone wants to see the response, please mail me. All I can say is it was not good. When is the last time a 'coloured' person directed a feature film/ major drama in this country?

Directors UK’s latest report, launched in September 2018, reveals that despite the fact that 14% of the UK population consists of people from ethnic minority backgrounds, just 2.22% of our TV programmes are made by BAME directors.

Situation definitely needs to change! So, now, it needs a tap on your shoulder or we just need to wake up and make it happen. Being a commoner, someone tapping on my shoulder is beyond my own dream! Now the only option is that we have to turn around the situation. This is the time to do it. Film making process has never been cheaper before. I am thinking about a project, a social satire called, "No Prime Minister". Lets bring all our energy together.

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